A San Diego SoCal beach girl, I’ve been in NW Arizona since the summer of 2017, after spending time in rural Illinois and a year in the breathtaking mountains of NW Montana. I’m a professional genealogist and excellent researcher. I find it thrilling climbing the branches of family trees. It’s like being a detective; always on the look-out for new clues. I also have volunteered my time and expertise in genealogical research and DNA matching to help those adopted discover their unknown parent. I have helped those with a mystery grandparent or great-grandparent discover the identity of the unknown ancestor.

I worked for medical physicians and chiropractors for many years and spent some time working as a massage therapist as well. Recently, I decided to refresh my knowledge of Reflexology massage/acupressure therapy of the feet, hands, the face and head, and Thai Reflexology/Thai foot massage, by taking some additional courses, and now I will be offering my healing services of Reflexology, and healing therapies performed on the feet, hands, and head at a local salon🦶👋💆🏼‍♀️.

I am also a volunteer Mrs. Claus 🤶🎄. I love Christmastide!

I am currently a student at Phillips Theological Seminary, one of the few Catholic students there! 🙂 I am an ACDP – Associate of the Congregation of Divine Providence (Sisters of Divine Providence of Texas). If you are unfamiliar with what a Religious Associate (also called an Affiliate, Consociate, Oblate, Companion) is exactly, here is a basic definition: Religious Associates are lay women and men who discern and decide to formally partner – associate themselves with a religious community’s mission, spirituality, and ministry and thus the charism of the order. The religious communities feed the souls of the Associates, and they invite them to ministry and unite them with like-minded people. Associates are also invited to share in the social ministries performed by vowed members of the religious communities. My favorite place to draw near to God is on the sands of the beach with the mighty waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing against the shore. I am an aspiring contemplative.

My major at Mesa Community College (San Diego) was American Sign Language/Deaf Studies, and my major at National University (San Diego) was Interdisciplinary Studies. I also have completed various vocational programs over the years and am a perpetual student! Jeg snakker norsk. Jeg elsker juletider!

I am a closet actress and like to dress up at Halloween and for Renaissance Faires in full costume. I also enjoy attending Mass, reading non-fiction, surfing the net, playing World of Warcraft, exploring the desert, going on desert hikes, and walking labyrinths. I am a logophile, and a tea connoisseur and enthusiast. I enjoy some TV shows, but usually prefer movies, especially costume dramas and older films.

Side note: For those interested in my skills related to Reflexology, I am a graduate of the massage therapy program at Body Mind College in San Diego. I worked with a chiropractor and at a day spa in San Diego. Among the continuing education massage courses that I completed were Aromatherapy for Massage, Esalen Massage, Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage, and Gemstone & Crystal Massage. I now live in Arizona and am choosing to limit my practice to Reflexology treatments on the feet, hands, face, and head and am offering my services in a salon setting. I practiced Reflexology as part of my massage treatments in the past, but I have recently completed some additional Reflexology courses, including courses in Thai Reflexology, and Face Reflexology.

If you use any information from my blog posts as a reference or source, please give credit and provide a link back to my work that you are referencing. Unless otherwise noted, my work is © Anna A. Kasper 2011-2022. All rights reserved. Thank you.

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  1. Adam Martinez says:

    Hi Lady Anna. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are articulate and your story flows smoothly. I’m looking forward to learning more from you.


  2. Amy DeBernardis says:

    I just want to say that I too have the same traits as you. I taught myself sign language at age 18 and took various classes. Of course I am a not a certified interpreter. I too continue to advocate for people with Special abilities and also for Fragile X syndrome –as a self advocate. I am involved in Special Olympics in Bozeman,Mt for the past 17 years and also a global messenger. I play the piano, have my black belt in takewondo (a martial art)-hope to make it a future event for Special Olympics. I also want to say that in regards to the series Touch by an Angel-which I loved that show. I took the time to come up with my own creative stories that are different from the show. Thank you.


  3. Amy DeBernardis says:

    I just want to say Lady Anna. I have the same interests as you.


  4. C. K. says:

    I am directly related to the same people as you, I am currently trying to look for information on Dirich Kuhl and Elizabeth Bohle with absolutely no luck, any idea where we were before maxsain?


    • Lady Anna K says:

      Hello C.K.:

      I have not attempted to take the Kuhl and Staats lines further back then when they were in Zürbach, Maxsain, Westerwaldkreis, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. But I have taken the families back into the 1600’s. The population of Maxsain is only 60 people currently. I am not sure what it was when our family lived there. In most cases I have found that families stayed in the same area and villages/towns they were from.


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  6. Roseanne Galyon Brumit says:

    I found your article very informative and interesting. I’m redoing my geneology on my father’s side and related to James McTeer (from Ireland) , Elizabeth McTeer, etc Traced all.of it at the Knoxville, Tennessee genealogical society. I’m related to them through the Vinson line, from the Galyon line, Margaret McTeer.

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  7. Roseanne Galyon Brumit says:

    I found your article very informative and interesting. I’m redoing my geneology on my father’s side and related to James McTeer (from Ireland) , Elizabeth McTeer, etc Traced all.of it at the Knoxville, Tennessee genealogical society. I’m related to them through the Vinson line, from the Galyon line, Margaret McTeer. Some of this may be duplicate information.

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  8. Valerie Ingram says:

    Dear Anna,

    I am related to the L’Estrange family through my Purdy and Smith ancestors. They left the USA as they were loyalists and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia (the British gave them land there). My great grandfather was from Halifax, NS and came to Belfast, Northern Ireland where he lived for the rest of his life. Check out the Purdy House at White Plains which is still standing. The house was gifted to George Washington (I think he was of Huguenot descent), for the Battle of White Plains, great blog and every good wish with your genealogy searches and writing. Kindest regards, Valerie Northern Ireland


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