Surnames – Letters J – Q

Surnames of my direct ancestors.

Jacobs Verdon

Jans – married Pieters. Janszen (Janss/Jannssen). Gerritts/Stoffelszen/Van Sant/Cornelius Gerritz/Brouwer/Van Sant/Severns/Cooper/Barton/Lyons/Armstrong.

Janse Demen – related to Schermerhorn.

Janszen (Janss/Jannssen). See Jans.

Johnson – married Watts.


Joynt – From Counties Clare and Galway in Ireland


Kaes/Kaess (Case)

Kaiser (Kayser)


Keller – married Schwenck. Schwenck/Loeser – Loser – Looser (Losure). Loeser/Lozier/Losure. I descend from two Losure/Lozier first cousins. The first line is Lozier/Dumbauld. Lozier/Losure. Losure/Cole. The second line is Losure/Womelsdorf. Losure/Lozier. Losure/Cole.

Kellogg – married Bryan. Oviatt/Kellogg/Elliot/Cole.



Kerridge (Kerrich/Keridge)

Kilbourn – married Collyn. Kilbourne/Moody. Kilbourn/Root. Root/Spencer. Root/Leonard. Root/Scott. Root/French. French/Merchant. Merchant/Cole.

Kingsley – married Fleetwood. Kingsley/Cummings/French/Merchant/Cole.

Kirchenbauer – Anna Maria Kirchenbauer, the daughter of Sebastian Kirchenbauer, married Lorentz Spatz, Sr. Some confuse two women with same name, because their son Lorentz Spatz, Jr. married (his first cousin) Anna Maria Kirchenbauer, the daughter of Hans Jacob Kirchenbauer and Catherine ____. Hans Jacob Kirchenbauer was a brother of Anna Maria Kirchenbauer who married Lorentz Spatz, Sr. My line is not through the son Lorentz Spatz, Jr. My line is through the son Johann Jacob Spatz who married Maria Esther Wenrich. My line continues with David Spatz/Hannah Hafer – Mary Ann Spotts (Spatz)/John Palmer – Susan Palmer/John Davis Kennedy.


Krische – married Weigt. From Rawitsch, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

Kritsinger (Greatsinger)

Kubel (Kubal/Kubala) – married Weigt. From Rawitsch, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

Kuhl (Cool)


Lamberton – married Trowbridge. Trowbridge/Mallory. Mallory/Canfield. Canfield/Northrup. Canfield/Gray. Canfield/Prindle. Prindle/Greatsinger (Kritsinger). Prindle/Doman. Prindle/Cole.



LeBeau/Le Beau


Leibfarth – married Silber. Silber/Swartzlander. Swartzlander/Williams. Williams/Kennedy.

Leinenberg/Linnenberg – married Geilfuss. Leinenberg – Linnenberg – Lindaberry/Geissler. Linnaberry-Linaberg-Lindaberry-Linaberry/Kuhl (Cool). Linaberg/Linnaberry/Chambers. Chambers/Meteer (Mateer). Mateer/Price. Price/Kennedy.


Leonard – married Heald (Heath). Leonard/Dumbleton/Root/Scott/French/Merchant/Cole.

Lindaberry/Linnaberry/Linaberg/Linaberry – also see Leinenberg/Linnenberg.



Losure/Lozier (Loeser)



Lyons – married Barton. Lyons/Armstrong.

Mallory – married Trowbridge. Mallory/Canfield. Canfield/Northrup. Canfield/Gray. Canfield/Prindle. Prindle/Greatsinger (Kritsinger). Prindle/Doman. Prindle/Cole.

Manwaring – Rev. John Manwaring (Mainwaring) and Susannah Piggot. He was the son of Edward Mainwaring and Anne Lomax, and was born in 1623, probably in England. He died after 1654, in England. He was Rector of Stoke on Trent in 1633. He married Susannah Piggot, the daughter of Walter Piggot.

Immigrant ancestor is Stephen Manwaring who married Elizabeth _____, married Hannah Vose (widow Jones), married third to Jane Wilkinson.

My Moore line continues with Hannah, a daughter of Stephen Manwaring and Hannah Vose. Hannah Manwaring married Robert Moore. The Moore and Manwaring families lived in Perquimans County, North Carolina and were Quakers.

Marshall – married Trowbridge. Trowbridge/Lamberton. Trowbridge/Mallory. Mallory/Canfield. Canfield/Northrup. Canfield/Gray. Canfield/Prindle. Prindle/Greatsinger (Kritsinger). Prindle/Doman. Prindle/Cole.

Marshfield – married Dumbleton. Dumbleton/Leonard/Root/Scott/French/Merchant/Cole.


Mateer/Meteer (McTeer)

Mathess – married Scherp. Scherp/Metz/Doman.

Maxey – married Gates. Maxey/Barnes/McGuire/Doughty (Doty).



McComas (MacComas) married McGill. McComas/Day. McComas/Norris. Norris/Willougby. Norris/Armstrong.

McGill – married McComas/MacComas. See above.


McNamara Reagh

Menck – married Scherp. See Scherp.

Menke – see Freudenberger.

Merchant (Marchant)


Moody married Kilbourne. See Kilbourne.

Moore – also see Manwaring.


Müller – married Diem. Müller/Egen/Silber/Swartzlander/Williams/Kennedy.



Nestor – From Galway, Ireland, not German roots.

Neville – Ancestors of Katherine de Vaux who married George Throckmorton. See Throckmorton.

Nolff/Nolf (Wolf) – Some lines used Nulph/Nulf. In German church records is listed as Nolff. My line became Wolf.

Norris – married Hynson. Norris/Freeman. I descend from two children of Edward Norris and Mary Freeman. First line is: John Norris/Elizabeth “Eliza” Parsons; Joseph Norris/Mary Talbot; Hannah Norris/Nathaniel Shepherd Armstrong. The second line is: Thomas Norris/Elizabeth Taney; John Norris/Ann Wheatley; Thomas Norris/Elizabeth McComas; James Norris, Sr./Martha Willoughby; Sarah “Sally” Norris/John A. Armstrong.

North – married Bartram. Parents of my ancestor Susannah “Goody” North Martin. Hanged during the Salem Witch Trails.


Norton – married Plumb. Prindle related line.

Nutick (Wegt/Weigt) – married Weiss. From Rawitsch, Posen, Prussia, now Rawitsch, Wielkopolskie, Poland.


Odiorne – see Hickins/Hichins.


Oviatt – see Bryan.

Paine – See Snow.

Painter – Chamberlain related female line.

Palmer – Palmer/Budd in Nine Partners, Dutchess, New York and Centre County, Pennsylvania.

Palmer (Greatsinger related)

Parsons – See Norris.

Perkins (Parkins) – Barrett female line.


Peyren/Peÿren – Hafer female line.


Piggot – Manwaring related line.

Plumb – married Norton. Prindle related line.

Preston – See Mallory.




Purcas (Purchas) – Plumb related line.

No confirmed surnames of direct ancestors beginning with the letter “Q”.

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