Surnames – Letters R – Z

Surnames of my direct ancestors.




Richards – Mary Richards married Joseph Peck. She was the daughter of Thomas Richards and Priscilla Wakeman. They lived in Colonial Milford, Connecticut.

Richardson – married Smith. Richardson/Ewen. Richardson/Talbot. Talbot/Norris. Norris/Armstrong.

Riddlesdale – married Black.  Riddlesdale/French/Howlett/Cummings/French. See French.

Ring – married Durrant. Ring/Hopkins (see Hopkins). Ring/Walker (see Walker). Walker/Cole.

Rollason – married Underhill. Underhill/Budd. Budd/Strang. Budd/Sine. Budd/Palmer. Palmer/Wolf. Palmer/Kennedy.

Rogers – Peleg Rogers married Mary Ellen Stafford, the daughter of Arthur (Charles Arthur) Stafford and Nancy Hastings. Peleg Rogers was the son of Shadrack Rogers and Susanna Warriner. Shadrack Rogers was the son of Isham Rogers and Prudence ____. Isham Rogers was the son of Joseph Rogers and Mary Fargeson (Ferguson). Joseph Rogers was the son of William Rogers and Elizabeth Cartwright. The name is sometimes spelled as Rodgers in records and some branches use that spelling.

The Rogers family were early settlers to Colonial Virginia. They lived in Surrey County, Virgina. The family then migrated to North Carolina. My 4th great-grandfather Peleg Rogers was born in North Carolina and migrated to Highland City, Highland County, Ohio then to Fayette County, Ohio and finally to Edgar and Clark Counties Illinois. He died in Grandview, Edgar, Illinois.

The next generation down is my 3rd great-mother Nancy Anna Rogers/Rodgers who married Aden Barrett, the son of William Barrett and Sarah/Elizabeth Goodwin. The next generation is my 2nd great-grandmother Cynthia Ann Barrett who married John Louis Doughty.


Rote (Rothert) – married Weigt. From Zduny, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland.

Royle married Heath. Heath/Leonard. Leonard/Dumbleton. Leonard/Root. Root/Scott. Root/French. French/Merchant. Merchant/Cole.

Ruckert (Rürters) – married Alberts/Albert. Albert/Hoerner. Albert/Price. Price/Meteer (Mateer). Price/Kennedy. Kennedy/Cole.

Sale (Searl), married Gifford. Sale/Preston. Preston/Mallory. Mallory/Trowbridge. Mallory/Canfield. Canfield/Northrup. Canfield/Gray. Canfield/Prindle. Prindle/Greatsinger (Kritsinger). Prindle/Doman. Prindle/Cole.

Sartor – Anna Kristine (Anastasia Christina) Sartor married Johannes Friedrich Fried. Both were born in Edenkoben, Südliche Weinstraße, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and both died in Klingenmünster, Südliche Weinstraße, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. She was the daughter of Johann Valentin Sartor and Anna Margretha Acker. See Acker. See Fried.

Scarborough – married Ewen. Ewen/Richardson/Talbot/Norris/Armstrong.

Schaur – married Wenrich.


Schein – married Swartzlander. From Steinhart, Donau-Ries, Bavaria, Germany. Swartzlander/Silber. Swartzlander/Williams. Williams/Kennedy.


Scherp – married Matthess. Scherp/Metz (Muetz). Muetz/Doman. Doman/Chamberlain. Doman/Prindle. Prindle/Cole.

Schuler – married Silberger. Silberger/Angelus. Angelus/Geilfuss. Geilfuss/Linnenberg. Leinenberg – Linnenberg – Lindaberry/Geissler. Linnaberry-Linaberg-Lindaberry-Linaberry/Kuhl (Cool). Linaberg/Linnaberry/Chambers. Chambers/Meteer (Mateer). Mateer/Price. Price/Kennedy.

Schwenck – married Keller. Schwenck/Loeser – Loser – Looser (Losure). Loeser/Lozier/Losure. I descend from two Losure/Lozier first cousins. The first line is Lozier/Dumbauld. Lozier/Losure. Losure/Cole. The second line is Losure/Womelsdorf. Losure/Lozier. Losure/Cole.

Scott – married Root. Root/French. See French.

Seabrook – Robert Seabrook was born in about 1575 in England. He married Alice Goodspeed, daughter of Nicholas Goodspeed and Margaret, on 12 September 1596 in Wingrave, Buckingham, England. They had three children. He died in 1650 in Stratfield, Fairfield, Connecticut. Descendants and relatives lived mainly in Colonial Connecticut and Massachusetts. My line continues with their daughter Alice Seabrook who married Thomas Sherwood, the son of Thomas Sherwood.


Sewall (Sewell) – married Wainwright. Wainwright/Shepherd. Shepherd/Wade. Shepherd/Armstrong.

Seyfert/Seifert – married Krisch. See Krisch. From Rawitsch, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

Sharpe – married Willard.

Shepherd (Shepard)

Sherwood – married Tibbals. Tibbals/Allen. Allen/Northup. Northup/Canfield. Canfield/Gray. Canfield/Prindle. Prindle/Greatsinger (Kritsinger). Prindle/Doman. Prindle/Cole.

Silber – See Swartzlander.



Sluyter (Sluiter)

Smedley – married Hampton. Hampton/Chamberlain/Doman/Prindle/Cole.

Smith – married Richardson. Richardson/Ewen. Richardson/Talbot. Talbot/Norris. Norris/Armstrong.


Snow – Nicholas Snow arrived in Plymouth, New England, aboard the ship “Anne” in 1623. He married Mayflower Pilgrim Constance Hopkins, the daughter of Mayflower Pilgrim Stephen Hopkings and first wife Mary _____. I descend from two of the Snow daughters. First line: Snow/Paine. Paine/Cole. Second line: Snow/Walker. Walker/Ring. Walker/Young. Walker/Cole.

Spatz (Spotts). Lorentz Spatz, Sr. married Anna Maria Kirchenbauer, the daughter of Sebastian Kirchenbauer. Some confuse two women with the same name, because their son Lorentz Spatz, Jr. married (his first cousin) Anna Maria Kirchenbauer, the daughter of Hans Jacob Kirchenbauer and Catherine ____. Hans Jacob Kirchenbauer was a brother of Anna Maria Kirchenbauer who married Lorentz Spatz, Sr. My line is not through the son Lorentz Spatz, Jr. My line is through the son Johann Jacob Spatz who married Maria Esther Wenrich. My line continues with David Spatz/Hannah Hafer – Mary Ann Spotts (Spatz)/John Palmer – Susan Palmer/John Davis Kennedy.

Spaulding – married Kingsley.


Spencer – goes all the way back to Sir John Spencer and Ann “Lady of Towcester” Empson. Spencer/Empson. Spencer/Peake. Spencer/Baker. Spencer/Merrill. Spencer/Whitbread. Spencer/Bearding. Spencer/Root. Root/Leonard. Root/Scott. Root/French. French/Merchant. Merchant/Cole.

Staats (Staadts/Staad/Staat)

Stafford married Hastings. Stafford/Rogers. Rogers/Barrett. Barrett/Doughty.



Strelmer / Steiner

Stubbleson – Stubble Stubbleson was born in the Netherlands. He settled in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, probably in the 1660’s, as he is first mentioned in 1665. He was married, although nothing is known of his wife, and he was the father of one surviving daughter, Ann Stubbleson, when he died by February 1668/69.

After his death, his parcel of land is described as “land formerly belonging to Stubble Stubbleston alien deceased” and granted to Theophilus Wheele by the governor. Theophilus appointed an attorney to represent him and wife Elizabeth to support his claim to the land.

In 1669, an inquisition was held and determined that Stubble was an alien (non-citizen), that when he died, he owned about 100 acres of land in Old Rappahannock County and that, upon his death, his land was escheated (returned) to the state.  Below is from a deed, John Farguson married Stubble Stubbleson only child Ann Stubblson, the deed includes the following:

 . . . I, the said John Fargisson as marrying Ann, the only surviving daughter and heir of Stubble Stubbleson, deceased, do hereby . . . make over unto . . . William Jewill . . . with . . . the voluntary consent of the said Ann, my now wife . . . a certain piece of land . . . formerly sold by one Thomas Rawson unto the said Stubble Stubbleson . . .

John Farguson/Ferguson (name spelled as Fargisson in above record) and Ann Stubbleson are my ancestors.

Swartzlander (Schwarzländer) married Schein. From Steinhart, Donau-Ries, Bavaria, Germany. Swartzlander/Silber. Swartzlander/Williams. Williams/Kennedy.

Talbot – married Thomas. Talbot/Richardson. Talbot/Norris. Norris/Armstrong.

Taney – married Norris. Norris/Wheatley. Norris/McComas. Norris/Willougby. Norris/Armstrong.


Thomas (paternal) – French Huguenots.

Thomas (paternal) – married Davis. In Middlesex and Spotsylvania Counties in Virginia.


Tibbals – married Sherwood. Tibbals/Allen. Allen/Northup. Northup/Canfield. Canfield/Gray. Canfield/Prindle. Prindle/Greatsinger (Kritsinger). Prindle/Doman. Prindle/Cole.

Tricault – married Sauvagie. Tricault (Trico)/Rapalle (Rapelje). (See Van der Beek).

Trico – see above.

Trowbridge married Prowse. Trowbridge/Marshall. Trowbridge/Lamberton. Trowbridge/Mallory. Mallory/Canfield. Canfield/Northrup. Canfield/Gray. Canfield/Prindle. Prindle/Greatsinger (Kritsinger). Prindle/Doman. Prindle/Cole.

Truman (Trewman) – married McBride. McBride/Moore. Moore/Manwaring. Moore/Lamb. Lamb/Featherstone. Lamb/Doughty.


Tyler – married Palmer. Palmer/ (possibly Fowler). Palmer/Budd. Palmer/Wolf. Palmer/Spotts (Spatz). Palmer/Kennedy.

Underhill – married Rollason. Underhill/Budd. Budd/Strang. Budd/Sine. Budd/Palmer. Palmer/Wolf. Palmer/Kennedy.


Van Bremen

Van Campen – married Hermensen. Harmensen van Capen – married van de Heijt. Harmmenss (Harmenszen)/Gerrits/Stoffelszen/Van Sant/Cornelius Gerritz/Brouwer/Van Sant/Severns/Cooper/Barton/Lyons/Armstrong.

Van der Heijt – see above.

Van Schuyven (Van der Schruyven)




Verdon (Ferdon)

Voss (Vose) – married Chesson. Vose/Manwaring. Moore/Lamb.

Wade – married Francis. Wade/Cogswell. Wade/Shepherd. Shepherd/Armstrong.

Wainwright married Sewall (Sewell). Wainwright/Shepherd. Shepherd/Wade. Shepherd/Armstrong.

Wakeman – Priscilla Wakeman married Thomas Richards. She was the daughter of Francis Wakeman and Ann Goode. They lived in Colonial Connecticut.

Walker – married Snow (See Snow). Walker/Ring (See Ring). Walker/Young. Walker/Cole.

Warren – married French. French/Riddlesdale. French/Howlett. Howlett/Cummings. Cummings/Kingsley. Kingsley/French. French/Clement. French/Root. French/Merchant. Merchant/Cole.

Warriner – Susanna Warriner married Shadrack Rogers on 3 December 1781 in Henrico County, Virginia. Her parentage is unproven. See Rogers.





Wells – married Belcher. Next generation down Wells/Beardsley.

Werner – married Nolff. Nolff/Wolf. Wolf/Palmer. Palmer/Kennedy. Kennedy/Price.

Wegt/Weigt (Nutick) – married Weiss. From Rawitsch, Posen, Prussia, now Rawitsch, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

Wheatley – married Norris. Norris/McComas. Norris/Willougby. Norris/Armstrong.

Wheeler – English roots.

Wheeler (Wiler/Wieler/Wielaar) – Dutch roots.


Whitbread/Whitebread (Whytbred) – married Spencer. See Spencer.

Williams – married Swartzlander. Williams/Kennedy.

Willoughby – married Diass/Dyas. Willoughby/Norris. Norris/Armstrong.

Wolf – Nolff/Nolf (Wolf) – Some lines used Nulph/Nulf. In German church records is listed as Nolff. My line became Wolf. Wolf/Palmer. Palmer/Spotts (Spatz). Palmer/Kennedy.


Woodman – married Emery. Emery/Cole.

No direct ancestors with a surname beginning with “X.”


York – married Watts.  Crawford County, Illinois.

Young – married Doane. Young/Walker. Walker/Cole.

Zenzen (Fentzen) – married Gruetz (Groetz). Gruetz/Druckenmiller/Hafer/Spatz (Spotts)/Palmer/Kennedy.

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