My Quaker Lamb and Moore Ancestors in Virginia and North Carolina. Later Doty/Doughty Primitive Baptists in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

The furthest I can take my Lamb ancestry back with certainty is to my Quaker 8th great-grandparents Henry Lamb and Elizabeth Henely.

Henry Lamb was born 1697 in Virginia and died 10 Feb 1761 in Rowan County, North Carolina. His death is recorded in the Quaker Center Monthly Meeting record. He married Elizabeth Henley in 1723 in Nansemond County, Virginia. His move from Virginia to North Carolina was most likely caused by of how poorly Quakers were being treated in Virginia and many moved onto North Carolina or other Quaker friendly areas.

Henry Lamb and Elizabeth Henly had the known following children:

  1. Thomas Lamb born Jun 1723 Nansemond, Virginia and died 4 Aug 1784 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He married Sarah Moore, daughter of Robert Moore and Hannah Manwaring. Thomas and Sarah are my direct ancestors.
  2. Mary Lamb born 1726 Nansemond, Virginia and died 1796 in Edgefield, Edgefield, South Carolina. She married Joseph Sanders.
  3. William Lamb born 1728 Nansemond, Virginia and died 6 Dec 1750 in Perquimans, Perquimans, North Carolina. He married Rachel Newby and Miriam Newby.
  4. Reuben Lamb born 4 Jul 1732 Nansemond, Virginia and died 4 Aug 1784 Randolph, North Carolina. He married Martha Moore (sister of Sarah Moore).
  5. Esau Lamb born 4 Jul 1733 Nansemond, Virginia and died 8 Mar 1790 Randolph County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Newby.
  6. Isaac Lamb born 7 Nov 1734 Nansemond, Virginia and died 8 Mar 1790 Perquimans County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Nixon.
  7. Joseph Lamb born about 1738 in Perquimans County, North Carolina and died 25 Nov 1820 Climax, Randolph County, North Carolina. He married Frances Beeson.
  8. Bethia Lamb born 10 Jan 1740 in North Carolina and died 15 Aug 1829 in Center, Randolph County, North Carolina. She married Benjamin Beeson, Jr.
  9. Elizabeth Lamb born 1 Aug 1741 in North Carolina and died 2 Apr 1801 in Greensboro, Guildford County, North Carolina. She married Samuel Osborne.
  10. Jacob Lamb born 9 Sep 1742 Center, Rowan County, North Carolina and died Nov 1800 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He married Sarah Stone.
  11. Selena Elizabeth “Betty” Lamb born 1 Jan 1757 in New Guildford, North Carolina and died 1789 New Guildford, North Carolina. She married Edward Beeson.
A map of early Quaker Meetings in North Carolina.

Brothers Thomas Lamb and Reuben Lamb married sisters Sarah and Martha Moore. There were also Lamb/Newby and Lamb/Beeson intermarriages.

My ancestors are Thomas Lamb and Sarah Moore. Both the Lamb and Moore families were Quakers.

My line continues with their son John Lamb born about 1750 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. He married Prudence Featherstone, born about 1750 in Virginia, she was the daughter of Richard Featherstone and Lucy _____. I have had great success with my research and DNA connections and am able to take the Featherstone and related lines pretty far back into Colonial Virginia and back to Packwood, Warwickshire, England, but I will save my Featherstone ancestors and related families for another post.

My Lamb line continues with a daughter of John Lamb and Prudence Featherstone, my 5th great-grandmother Mary Ann “Polly” Lamb. She was born August 1772 in Spartanburg, South Carolina and died 17 April 1843 in Edwards County, Illinois. She married Samuel Doty, the son of Jeremiah Doty and Sarah B. ____. He was a descendant of Mayflower Pilgrim Edward Doty and wife Faith Clark. Our line is accepted by the Mayflower Society.

To learn more about our ancestor Mayflower Pilgrim Edward Doty see my blog post: My Contentious and Quarrelsome Mayflower Pilgrim Ancestor Edward Doty.

It appears at some point, beginning with Samuel Doty and Mary Ann “Polly” Lamb, the family left the Quaker faith, for in the next generation several become ministers in the Primitive Baptist faith living first in Kentucky, then Indiana, before moving onto Illinois with some venturing to Missouri and Iowa.

Children of Samuel Doty and Mary Ann “Polly” Lamb:

Rev. Preston Doty with third wife Mariah. Photo courtesy of my Doty cousin Ginny Feldman.
  1. Samuel Doty born 1793 in Kentucky and died before Mar 1835 in Clark County, Illinois. He married Mary Ann Dolson.
  2. Rev. Jeremiah Doty born 28 Jun 1794 Barren, Warren County, Kentucky and died 10 May 1861 in Edwards County, Illinois. He married Martha Patsy Dunnigan/Dunnagan.
  3. Rev. John M. Doty/Doughty born 30 Apr 1797 in Barren, Warren County, Kentucky and died 2 Sep 1878 in Casey, Clark County, Illinois. He married Mary Jane “Jane’ McGuire. She was the daughter of Francis Marion “Frank’ McGuire and Elizabeth Barnes. He married second to Mary Alice Bartlett. Rev. John M. Doty and his first wife Mary Jane McGuire are my direct ancestors.
  4. Rev. Daniel Doty/Doughty born 24 Dec 1800 in Red Boil Springs, Macon County, Tennessee and died 12 Aug 1872 in Willow Hill, Jasper County, Illinois. He married Isabel Ritter.
  5. Prudence Doty born 1803 Warren County, Kentucky and died 1880. She married William Gadberry.
  6. Joseph L. Doty/Doughty born 23 Jun 1804 in Warren County, Kentucky and died 27 Jun 1880 in Flat Creek, Mountain Township, Barry County, Missouri. He married first to Rebecca Ann Burcham and married second to Hannah Sparks.
  7. Elder Mastin Doty born 1 May 1806 in Warren County, Kentucky and died 15 Jan 1875 in Wilton, Boone County, Missouri. He married first Mary “Polly” Fletcher and married second to Abigail (widow Fletcher).
  8. Rev. Preston Doty/Doughty born 22 Apr 1807 in Warren County, Kentucky and died 1 Jan 1887 in Harrison County, Iowa. He married first to Nancy Shrum, he married second to Elizabeth Murphy, he married third to Maria (Mariah) H. Lee Boles.
  9. James Doty/Doughty born 21 Oct 1808 in Warren County, Kentucky and died 14 Apr 1843 in West Salem, Edward County, Illinois. He married Elizabeth “Betsy” Brown.
  10. Nancy Doty/Doughty born 1810 in Warren County, Kentucky and died 3 Feb 1825 in Indiana.
  11. Reuben Doty born 1811 Kentucky.
  12. Featherstone Doty/Doughty born 14 Apr 1814 in Warren County, Kentucky and died 1852 in Illinois. He married Francis “Fannie” Grant.
Rev. Daniel and Isabel Ritter Doty

Most people are familiar with Society of Friends, Quakers, but less so with Primitive Baptists. So what are the history and beliefs of Primitive Baptists?

Primitive Baptists – also known as Hard Shell Baptists, Foot Washing Baptists, or Old School Baptists – are conservative Baptists adhering to a degree of Calvinist beliefs, that coalesced out of the controversy among Baptists in the early 19th century over the appropriateness of mission boards, tract societies, and temperance societies. The adjective “primitive” in the name is used in the sense of “original”. (1, 2) They were originally called Regular Baptists and later known as Regular Predestinarian and also Primitive Baptists.

Clark County and Jasper County, Illinois Primitive Baptist churches with my ancestors and their kin in the records:


Good Hope Church was organized on July 28, 1832, by Elders Abraham Stark and William Stancil, with six charter members, viz., Lewis Walker, Stanley B. Walker, Daniel Goble, Martha Walker, Mary Walker, and Sitha Goble. The original site of this church was about a mile southwest of Westfield, Illinois.

Good Hope Church was received as a member of the Wabash District Association in about 1836. In 1839, Good Hope church hosted the annual meeting of the Wabash District Association. At that time, Elder Stanley B. Walker, Elder John M. Doty, and Lewis Walker, were the messengers, and the church reported 52 members. Good Hope Church was dropped from the Wabash District Regular Baptist Association in 1841, for retaining the name “United Baptist,” by a unanimous vote of the churches. The church then became identified with the modern mission system, and was no longer recognized by the Primitive Baptists.


Salem Church united with the Wabash District Association in the late 1830’s or early 1840’s, and hosted the annual meeting in 1847. Masten Doty was a member of this church. The church ceased to represent in the Wabash District Association in about 1865.


Davidson, Doty, King, Newman, Odom, Piper, Weldon (very incomplete list due to loss of records).

Jasper County, Illinois:


North Fork Church was organized on February 10, 1829, at the home of Richard Eaton, about two miles west of present-day Oblong, about one-half mile west of the river from which it took its name. The charter members were dismissed from Grand Prairie Church of Crawford County. The church met for many years in Willow Hill township. In 1884, Jeremiah Doty and wife gave a deed to the church for Lots 4 and 5 in Doty’s 2nd Addition to the town of New Liberty (Willow Hill). The church continued to meet there until it closed, in 1979. Pastors of the church included Elders Thomas Young, Daniel Doty, William H. Smith, A. J. Lanter, William Lewis, James George, J. C. Biggs, H. C. Bell, Cina Greathouse, Jasper Dalby, Benjamin Ferguson, George W. Inyart, T. J. Parr, Jerry Brown, William E. Wright, Oscar Wallace, J. D. Vandeveer, and Cecil R. Fuson.

Family names who were members of this church included:

Allen, Allison, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold, Baker, Bartlett, Bartley, Baughess, Beel, Biggs, Bonom, Bridges, Brooks, Bruner, Burcham, Cable, Carpenter, Cawhorn, Chriss, Conrad, Cottrel, Cox, Daubs, Dillman, Dispenny, Dodd, Doty, Eaton, Erwin, Fear, Ferguson, Fowler, Gardner, George, Graves, Greene, Griggs, Hambric, Harrison, Highsmith, Hill, Hilton, Holensaic, Holmes, Hon, Hone Hume, Hunt, Ireland, James, Jeffers, Jennie, Johnson, Jones, Kasserman, Keen, Kennedy, Kermicle, Kibler, Kinkade, Lameron, Lanter, Laws, Lewis, Manning, McCoy, McDaniel, McKenzie, Metcalf, Miller, Mock, Musgrove, Neal, Nebergall, Newkirk, Odell, Oef, Parr, Phelps, Pierson, Pile, Portlock, Powell, Price, Purcell, Rice, Richards, Ridlen, Robinson, Rodd, Rowe, Salisbury, Sheller, Skidmore, Smith, Stall, Stone, Tarpley, Taylor, Todd, Trowbridge, Van Black, Watts, Weaver, Welch, Wolensaid, Wright, York, Young.” (3)

My Doty ancestors and kin were ministers, elders, and members in Primitive Baptist churches in Cumberland County, Jasper County, and Edwards County, Illinois as well as in Harrison County, Iowa and Boone County, Missouri.

Have you seen the film “Cold Mountain“? If so, the church scenes and the Sacred Harp / Shape-Note singing in the film are to be found in the Primitive Baptist Church. I included the video below that includes a well-known hymn that was sung in the film “I’m Going Home”.

Children of Rev. John M. Doty and Mary Jane “Jane’ McGuire:

  1. Featherstone Doughty born 2 May 1818 in Indiana and died 29 Aug 1877 in Missouri. He married Charity Gooden, daughter of Lewis Gooden (Goodwin) and Lydia Watts.
  2. Maguire/McGuire Doughty born 9 Jul 1820 in Indiana and died 1843-1845 in Arkansas. He married Mary Ann Gooden, daughter of Lewis Gooden (Goodwin) and Lydia Watts. Maguire Doughty and Mary Ann Gooden are my direct ancestors.
  3. John Montgomery Doughty born 6 Apr 1822 in Green, Grant County, Indiana and died 25 Dec 1865 in Casey, Clark County, Ilinois. He married first to Mahala J. Moore, he married second to Armetta A. Howe.
  4. Elizabeth Matilda Doughty born 28 Aug 1824 in Greene County, Indiana and died 12 May 1904 in Bourbon County, Kansas. She was left a widow three times. She married first to Samuel Deverell, second to Thomas Jefferson Rose, third to Earl O’Neill, fourth to Isaac Shively.
  5. Samuel Doughty born 5 Oct 1826 in Indiana. He married Cynthia A. Parker.
  6. Francis Marion “Frank” Doughty born 12 Mar 1830 in Greene County, Indiana and died 27 May 1909 in Demar, Clinton County, Iowa. He married Sarah Elizabeth Davis.
  7. Percilla / Pernelia P. Doty born Oct 1830 in Indiana and died 11 Jul 1903 in Jasper, Missouri. She married John A. Lamb (he and Percilla were Lamb 2nd cousins).
  8. Mary Ann “Polly” born 29 Apr 1832 in Morgan County, Indiana and died after 1915 in Cumberland County, Illinois. She married Western Humphrey.
  9. Prudence Jane Doughty born 7 Mar 1834 in Clark County, Illinois and died 6 Nov 1900 in Parsons, Labette County, Kansas. She married John H. Myers.
  10. Jonathan Jones Doughty born Apr 1836 in Casey, Clark County, Illinois and died 18 Apr 1913 in Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana. He married Mary Jane Crane.
  11. James Preston Doughty born 23 Apr 1840 in Cumberland, Clark County, Illinois and died 17 May 1919 in Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico. He marries first to Martha Ann Ellis, and second to Mariah Caroline Ellis.
  12. Daniel Stanley Doughty born 31 Jan 1842 in Casey, Cumberland County, Illinois and died 24 Mar 1905 Alto Pass, Union County, Illinois. He marries Lucina A. Burr.
  13. Joseph Jeptha Doty/Doughty born 26 Jun 1844 in Clark County, Illinois.

Rev. John M. Doty/Doughty and second wife Mary Alice Bartlett had one child:

  1. Lester Loran Doughty born 6 Feb 1879 in Casey, Clark County, Illinois and died 19 Jul 1952 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. He married first to Nora Dell Huey, and second to Ethel May Frasier.
My great-great grandfather John L. Doughty.

My line continues with John Lewis Doughty, my 2nd great grandfather, the son of Maguire/McGuire Doughty and Mary Ann Gooden. He was born 11 Mar 1843 in Benton County, Arkansas and died 4 Dec 1911 in Quay, Payne County, Oklahoma. He married Cynthia Ann Barrett.

See my blog post Urquhart – Some of my Scottish Ancestors. And Related English Watts and Goodwin/Gooden Lines to follow my Watts lines back to Colonial Virginia and my Gooden lines all the way back to England.

Cynthia Ann Barrett was the daughter of Aden Barrett and Nancy Anna Rogers. My Barrett lines go back to Virginia; Chester County, Pennsylvania; Maryland; and England. My Barrett and Chambers ancestors were also Quakers.

My great-great grandmother Cynthia Ann Barrett Doughty with her maternal grandmother Mary Ellen Stafford Rogers (my great x4 grandmother). Her grandmother died in 1867.

I am a DNA match to Doty-Doughty/Lamb cousins, Lamb/Moore cousins (other descendants of Thomas Lamb and Sarah Moore), and even to a few Manwaring cousins. I am also a DNA match to the descendants of Reuben Lamb and Martha Moore, I have a double kinship with them because we share both Lamb and Moore ancestors.

Side note:

There is a wonderful research resource book “Descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Lamb of North Carolina: A Quaker family legacy, 1697-2000″ published in 2000 and written by Marshall L. Styles. It’s over 500 pages and well-researched. Sadly, only 3 libraries in the USA have a copy and I have not been able to read it yet. I have only seen excerpts online that are related to my direct line.


  1. Crowley, John G. (2006). “The Primitive or Old School Baptists”. In Jonas, William Glenn (ed.). The Baptist River: Essays on Many Tributaries of a Diverse Tradition. Macon, GA: Mercer University Press.
  2. Mead, Frank S; Hill, Samuel S; Atwood, Craig D (2010) (13th edition). Handbook of Denominations in the United States. Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.
  3. Primitive Baptist Library: Primitive Baptist Family History Assistance (

If you use any information from my blog posts as a reference or source please give credit and provide a link back to my work that you are referencing. Unless otherwise noted, my work is © Anna A. Kasper 2011-2023. All rights reserved. Thank you.

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6 Responses to My Quaker Lamb and Moore Ancestors in Virginia and North Carolina. Later Doty/Doughty Primitive Baptists in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

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  2. Alissa Driver says:

    Oh, Lady Anna, I’ve been looking so long for this information!!! I’m thrilled!!! My maternal grandmother was Mary Louise Lamb. Her father was Howard Martin Lamb (1874-1940), his father was James Madison Lamb (1843-1916), his father was Martin Luther Lamb ((1818-1897), his father was Thomas E. Lamb (1771-1851). My information tells me Thomas E. Lamb is the son of Jacob Lamb and Sarah Stone. I am so hoping I have the correct information!!


    • Lady Anna K says:

      Hello Lamb cousin! I just checked my Lamb DNA color-coded group and I found 7 descendants of Jacob Lamb and Sarah Stone in my DNA matches.. Which is pretty good, since Henry Lamb and Elizabeth Henly are my 8th great-grandparents! I have many more matches to those that share Lamb and Moore ancestors with me. 🙂


  3. Alissa Driver says:

    Hello!! Awesome news, thank you so much for responding, I’m excited to learn more!!


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  5. hoosierlinda says:

    Wow, I just found you. My husband’s 7th gr-grandparents are Henry Lamb and Elizabeth Henley. I can’t wait to tell him I have found another one of his cousins. I am the genealogist; he reaps the rewards. 🙂 We live in southern Indiana where Josiah Lamb finally settled, and married Mary Atkins.


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