Surnames – Letters A – I

Surnames of my direct ancestors.

Abbott – married Chamberlain. See Chamberlain and Doman.

Ackerman (Ackermann) – Anna Maria Margaretha Ackerman (Achermann) married Johann Paul Bingaman. See Bingaman.

Ackrenden – married Belding.



Albricht – married Seifert. See Seifert. From Rawitsch, Wielkopolskie, Poland.

Allis – married Scott. See Scott.

Anberger – Nolff/Nolfen/Wolf related German line.

Angelus – married Geifuss. Related to German Leinenberg/Linnenberg/Lindaberry lines.

Armstrong – married Boone. Early settlers in Maryland. Related lines: Hicks, Norris, Shepherd.

Arnold – married Fuller. Fuller/Cole. Also see another blog post about my Cole ancestors here.

Attaway – Quakers in Perquimans, North Carolina. Married Henby/Henly. Related to my Lamb line.

Austwick/Austwicke – married Chambers. English lines to USA. Later Chambers/Barrett Quakers in Virginia and Pennsylvania.



Baldwin – (paternal) married Barrett. Quakers in Pennsylvania.

Baldwin – (maternal) married Kinge. Baldwin/Welles. Baldwin/Bryan. Baldwin/Plumb. Plumb/Norton. Plumb/Prindle. Prindle/Fed. Prindle/Leach. Prindle/Canfield. Prindle/Greatsinger (Kritsinger). Prindle/Doman. Prindle/Cole.

Bangs – married Hobart. Next generation down Bangs/Doane.


Barrett – married Chambers. Quakers in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Barton – married Cooper.  Quakers in Bristol, Bucks, Pennsylvania.

Bartram – married North. Parents of my ancestor Susannah “Goody” North Martin. Hanged during the Salem Witch Trails.

Bauman (Bowman) – married Doman/Thoman.

Bearding – married Graves. Next generation down Bearding/Spencer.

Beardsley – married Harvey. Next generation down Beardsley/Wells.

Beare – married French. Next generation down French/Cummings. See French.

Belcher – married Wells. Next generation down Wells/Beardsley.

Belding – married Ackrenden.

Belgrave – married Frost. Frost/Blower/Brackett/Kingsley/Cummings.

Bingaman – married Doman. Doman/Bingaman. Doman/Prindle. Prindle/Cole. Germany to Pennsylvania, migrated to Virginia then to Pickaway County, Ohio, later connections to Swan, Vinton County, Ohio. Bingaman, Bingman, Bingeman. Descendant of Johann Paul Bingaman and Maria Margaretha Ackerman (Ackermann). She fits best as the daughter of Henry Bingaman and Mary Ann Wylie, but she may have been a descendant of another child of Johann Paul Bingaman and Maria Margaretha Ackerman (Ackermann).

Black – married Riddlesdale. Riddlesdale/French/Howlett/Cummings/French.

Bland – married Shephard. Paternal Shepard line.

Blood – married Willard. Blood/Colburn/Clement/French.

Blower – married Frost. Frost/Blower/Brackett/Kingsley/Cummings.


Bond – married Kingsley. Kingsley/Butler/Spaulding/Brackett.


Boone – married Armstrong. Early Maryland settlers. Sister of Capt. Humphrey Boone.


Bremmer (Brümmer) – married Nolff/Wolf. German Nolff/Wolf line. Nolff/Wolf/Palmer.



Brouwer (Berkhoven)

Bryan – married Oviatt. Oviatt/Kellogg/Elliot/Cole.




Busch – married Schuler. German Schuler/Silberger/Angelus/Geifuss/Linnenberg (Linnaberry) lines.

Butler – married Kingsley.



Case (Kaes)

Chamberlain – married Abbott. Chamberlain/Doman.

Chambers (maternal).

Chambers (paternal) – married Barrett. Quakers in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Chaplin – Plumb/Prindle related line.

Chenery – married Norwich. English line, related to Moody.

Chesson – married Voss/Vose. Vose/Manwaring/Moore/Lamb.

Clark/Clarke (Doty related)

Clarke (Maxson related)

Clement/Clements married French. Clement/Fawne/French/Merchant/Cole.

Note regarding my Clement line: Samson French I married first to Mary. In the marriage record her name is listed as Clem. After her death, Samson French I married second to Sarah Clement. DNA has shown that his first wife was Mary Clement, the daughter of Nathaniel Clement and Eleanor Colburn.

Samson French I and first wife Mary Clement had only one child before her death, a son named Sampson French II (he married Lusanna “Lucy” Root).

Samson’s second wife Sarah Clement was the daughter of Nathaniel Clement and Sarah Merrill. Some have assumed that his wives were sisters. They were not sisters but did have a kinship, they were 2nd cousins.

In the past some have speculated that Sampson French II named his son Clement in honor of his stepmother Sarah Clement, since she raised him after his mother’s untimely death. Actually, he named his son Clement in honor of his mother’s maiden name Clement.

Clerk/Klerk (De Klerk)


Colburn/Coburn – married Rolfe. Colburn/Blood/Clement/French.

Cole and also this other blog post about two of my Cole ancestors in Broome County, New York.

Collier – married Cole.

Cool (Kuhl)

Cooper (paternal)

Cooper (maternal)


Cox – married Day. Day/McComas/Norris/Armstrong.

Crackbone – married Plumb. Plumb/Chaplin/Baldwin/Norton/Prindle.




Cummings – married Howlett. Cummings/French/Merchant. See French.



Day – married Cox. Day/McComas/Norris/Armstrong.


Desborough (Disborow) – married Bronson. Desborough/Prindle (Pringle).

Diem – married Müller. Müller/Egen/Silber/Swartzlander/Williams/Kennedy.


Dixwell – married Broughton. Broughton/Borodell/Shepherd/Armstrong.

Doane – married Bangs. Bangs/Doane/Young/Walker/Cole.

Doman (Thoman). Doman married Chamberlain. Doman/Prindle. Prindle/Cole.


Druckenmiller – Druckenmiller/Gruetz, married Hafer.


Dumbleton – Dumbleton/Marshfield, married Leonard.


Ellery – married Hicks. Hicks/Armstrong.


Emery – married Woodman. Emery/Cole.

Ewen – married Scarborough. Ewen/Richardson/Talbot/Norris/Armstrong.

Fahey/Fahy (Fay)

Fawne – married Clement. Clement/French/Merchant/Cole. See French and Clement.

Feake – married Palmer.



Fentzen (Zenzen) – married Gruetz (Groetz). Gruetz/Druckenmiller/Hafer/Spatz (Spotts)/Palmer/Kennedy.

Ferdon (Verdon)

Fleetwood – married Kingsley. Kingsley/Cummings/French/Merchant/Cole. See French.


Fisher – married Hopkins. Both are Mayflower Pilgrims. Hopkins/Ring/Walker/Cole.

Folkingham – married Belding.

Fowler – possible maiden name of Rachel, wife of William Palmer. Palmer/Budd/Wolf/Spatz (Spotts)/Kennedy.

Freeman – married Norris. Norris/Parsons/Talbot/Armstrong. See Norris.

French – maternal. I descend from two French lines; they intersect and in the end are both in my same maternal line.

First French line: Richard French/Elizabeth Fuller. Richard French/Martha Beare. Samuel French/Sarah Cummings. Joseph French/Elizabeth Cummings. Samson French I/Mary Clement. Sampson French II/Lusanna “Lucy” Root.

Second French line: Jacob French/Susan Warren. Thomas French/Susan Riddledale. Alice French/Thomas Howlett. Sarah Howlett/John Cummings. John Cummings II/Elizabeth Kingsley. Elizabeth Cummings/Joseph French. Samson French I/Mary Clement. Sampson French II/Lusanna “Lucy” Root.

Freudenberger – married Menke. Menke/Scherp/Matthess/Metz/Doman.



Fries (Freese)

Frost – married Belgrave. Frost/Blower/Brackett/Kingsley/Cummings.

Fuller – (maternal) married Arnold. Fuller/Cole.

Fuller – (maternal) married French. See French.

Gardenier (Flodder)

Gates – married Maxey. Maxey/Barnes/McGuire/Doughty (Doty).

Geilfuss – married Angelus. Related to German Leinenberg/Linnenberg/Lindaberry lines.



Gieseler – married Speckenbach. Giessler/Lindaberry (Linaberg).


Goldberger – married Lindenmayer. Lindenmayer/Nolf (Nolfe/Wolf)/Wolf/Palmer/Kennedy.

Golmer – married Egen. Egen/Silber/Swartzlander/Williams/Kennedy.

Gooden/Goodin (Goodwin)

Goodrich – married Beldon (Baylden). Belding/Ackrenden/Wells/Scott/Root/French/Merchant/Cole.


Graves – married Bearding. Next generation down Bearding/Spencer.

Gray – married Canfield. Canfield/Prindle.

Greatsinger (Kritsinger)

Green – married Martin. Martin/Leach/Prindle/Cole.

Griesinger – married Egen. Egen/Handel/Silber/Swartzlander/Williams/Kennedy.



Gruetz (Groetz/Grietz) – married Druckenmiller. Druckenmiller/Hafer/Spatz (Spotts)/Palmer/Kennedy.

Hafer – married Druckenmiller. Druckenmiller/Spatz (Spotts)/Palmer/Kennedy.

Hager – married Dumbauld.

Hampton – married Smedley. Hampton/Chamberlain/Doman/Prindle/Cole.

Hansberry (Hanberry) – From Galway, Ireland, not German roots.

Handel – daughter of Handel/Hauff, married Egen. Egen/Silber/Swartzlander/Williams/Kennedy.

Harmensen van Capen – married van de Heijt. Harmmenss (Harmenszen)/Gerrits/Stoffelszen/Van Sant/Cornelius Gerritz/Brouwer/Van Sant/Severns/Cooper/Barton/Lyons/Armstrong.

Harmmenss (Harmenszen) – see above entry.

Harte (Hartje) – married Moll. Harte/Van Schuyven/Sluyter/Litts/Greatinger (Kritsinger)/Prindle/Cole.



Hastings – married Stafford. Stafford/Rogers. Rogers/Barrett. Barrett/Doughty.

Hauff – married Handel. Handel/Egen/Silber/Swartzlander/Williams/Kennedy

Heald (Heath) – married Leonard. Leonard/Dumbleton/Root/Scott/French/Merchant/Cole.

Henricks (Henriksen/Henriksdatter)


Hermensen – married van Campen. See Harmensen van Capen.

Hesser – married Knobloch. Hesser/Brümmer (Bremmer)/Nolff (Nolf/Nolfe/Wolf). Nolf/Lindenmayer. Nolff/Werner. Nolff/Wolf. Wolf/Palmer. Palmer/Kennedy. Kennedy/Price.

Hickins/Hichins – married Odione. Odiorne/Seavey. Odiorne/Clements. Clement/Colburn. Clement/French. French/Root. French/Merchant. Merchant/Cole. See French and Clement.

Hicks – married Ellery. Hicks/Armstrong.


Holborough – married Robinson. Holborough/Chaplin. Chaplin/Plumb. Plumb/Baldwin/Norton/Prindle.

Holland – married Parsons. Parsons/Norris. Norris/Talbot. Norris/Armstrong.

Hopkins. Stephen Hopkins married Mary ___ and married second to Elizabeth Fisher. See Fisher above. Mayflower Pilgrims.

Horne – married Wheatley. Wheatley/Norris. Norris/MacComas. Norris/Willougby. Norris/Armstrong.


Howland – married Young. Young/Doane. Young/Walker. Walker/Cole.

Howlett – married Cummings. Cummings/French/Merchant. See French.


No confirmed surnames of direct ancestors beginning with the letter “I”.

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