My McGuire/Maguire Ancestors from Fermanagh, No. Ireland and McElliogott Parish – near Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. In Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana in USA.

Families of Fermanagh, Ulster, No. Ireland

The furthest I can take my McGuire ancestors back is to James McGuire born about 1620 in Fermanagh, Ulster, Northern Ireland and died about 1682 in McElligott Parish (near Tralee), Kerry, Ireland and Cecelia McNamara Reagh born about 1623 in Fermanagh, Ulster, Northern Ireland and died 1665 in McEllligott Parish (near Tralee), Kerry, Ireland.

James McGuire was living in County Fermanagh, Ireland, but owing to political or religious disturbances there in 1641 it is said he left his own native heath and settled near Tralee, McElligott Parish, of County Kerry. – From Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume 4.

There was a rising in 1641 in which the Irish Catholic gentry and those descended from old Catholic Anglo-Irish families combined to seize control of the Protestant English administration. In Fermanagh, the rising was led by James’ great-uncle Connor McGuire, 2nd Baron of Enniskillen. (1)

James McGuire married Cecelia McNamara Reagh, had two sons, John Sigismund and Constantine. – From Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume 4.

There were no doubt other children born of James McGuire and Cecelia McNamara Reagh, but only the two sons are proven children of this couple. I do have a few DNA matches to those with McGuire ancestors from Fermanagh that came to the USA in the 1850’s during the Irish Potato Famine years.

Some believe that my McGuire family stayed in County Fermanagh and didn’t make the trek to County Kerry before coming to Virginia. I do have a few McElligott DNA matches that their families came from Kerry to the USA in the 1850’s and 1860’s, a few went to Australia. And I have an Irish McElligott cousin that lives in Kerry. As stated above, I also have some McGuire DNA matches that came from Fermanagh to the USA in the 1850’s.

Proven children of James McGuire and Cecelia McNamara Reagh:

  1. Constantine McGuire born about 1661 in McElligott Parish (near Tralee), Kerry, Ireland and died in Virginia. He married Julia McElligott who was born about 1663 in McElligott Parish (near Tralee), Kerry, Ireland and died in Virginia.
  2. John Sigismund McGuire born about 1662 in McElligott Parish (near Tralee), Kerry, Ireland.

McElligott name meaning: Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Uileagóid, a patronymic from a pet form of the Gaelic form of William. (2)

McGuire name meaning: Irish and Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mag Uidhir ‘son of Odhar’, a byname meaning ‘sallow’. This was the name of the ruling family of Fermanagh from the 13th–17th centuries. (3)

Children of Constantine McGuire and Julia McElligott:

  1. John McGuire born about 1715 in McElligott Parish (near Tralee), Kerry, Ireland and died 1750 in Virginia. He married Catherine (Mary Catherine) ______. Her maiden name may have been O’Brien. (My ancestors).
  2. Edward McGuire born about 1720 in Kerry, Ireland. He was in Frederick County, Virginia, before 1747, the date of his first land grant, and was active in the Indian Wars, and held a commission in the Fredericksburg line in 1775. He died near Winchester, Virginia, in 1806, and was buried under the old Catholic church in Winchester, which he built and gave to that denomination. He married Elizabeth Wheeler of Prince George County, Maryland, and left surviving issue.

Children of John McGuire and Catherine (Mary Catherine) _____ (maiden name possibly O’Brien):

  1. Margaret McGuire born in Ireland, and died in Virginia. She married _____ Horn.
  2. Archibald McGuire, born about 1728 in Ireland, and died about 1779 in Ft. Boonesborough, Fayette, Kentucky.
  3. Pvt. William (William Moses) McGuire born between 1725-1735 in Kerry, Ireland and died about 1809 in Madison County, Kentucky. Some show him dying in 1796 in Franklin County, Virginia. He married Rachel ______.
  4. Lieut. James McGuire born about 1734 in McElligott Parish (near Tralee), Kerry, Ireland, and died 19 August 1782 in Blue Lick Springs, Nicholas County, Kentucky. He married Margaret Black. He is also known as James Felix McGuire.
  5. Samuel McGuire.
Blue Licks Battlefield in Kentucky.

Lieut. James McGuire died at the Battle of Blue Licks. The Battle of Blue Licks was fought on August 19, 1782, and was the last battle of the American Revolutionary War fought in Kentucky. On a hill next to the Licking River in what is now Robertson County, a force of about 50 British rangers and 300 American Indians ambushed and routed 182 Kentucky militiamen killing some 64. It was the worst defeat for the Kentuckians during the war. (4)

Inscription on the monument for the fallen in the Battle of Blue Licks:

“So valiantly did our small party fight, to the memory of those who unfortunately fell in the Battle, enough of Honour cannot be paid.” – Daniel Boone
Monument dedicated August 19, 1928

The wife of Lieut. James McGuire is often listed as Margaret Black or Elizabeth Pack or Margaret Elizabeth Black. What is known is that his first wife (name not known or proven) was the mother of his older children (including my direct ancestor). Margaret Black was the mother of the youngest child Archibald Dillard McGuire.

Re-enactment of the Battle of Blue Licks. Photo from | Kentucky’s Online Newspaper site.

In April 1775, [James] McGuire was part of Daniel Boone’s first expedition through the Cumberland Gap. McGuire was one of the first pioneers to travel the Gap. After his arrival at the Kentucky River, McGuire helped build the settlement of Boonesborough. (5)

In 1778, McGuire participated in the Great siege of Boonesborough, when 400 Indians along with 12 former French soldiers of The French and Indian War began a siege outside the gates of Boonesborough. This was a halfhearted attempt by former French soldiers to form a new French Colony west of the Appalachians. (5)

The French fired fireballs at the fort from their cannons. They were hoping to burn the fort down to the ground. After 13 days, the French and Indians gave up their attempt and retreated into the woods. The Indians suffered 40 killed and hundreds wounded. The Pioneers at Boonesborough suffered only 2 casualties. (5)

On August 19, 1782, McGuire participated in the last Revolutionary War battle fought in Kentucky. At the Battle of Blue Licks, several hundred Shawnee ambushed 180 Kentuckians led by Daniel Boone. Boone met with the other officers and decided it was better to fight than be branded a coward. 72 Kentuckians were killed during the battle including McGuire. After the battle, McGuire’s body was brought back to Boonesborough and buried close to their house. In 1810 Boonesborough became the first ghost town of the Western frontier. McGuire’s wife Margaret and daughter Christina moved to present day Whitley County where most of [many] McGuire’s descendants live today. (5)

Battle of Blue Licks.

Children of Lieut. James McGuire:

  1. John McGuire born 27 Apr 1756 and died 10 Apr 1837 in Greenup County, Kentucky (his place of death is also listed as Bloomington, Morgan, Kentucky). He married Nancy Burns Holden.
  2. Jesse McGuire born about 1759 in Virginia, and died 19 August 1782 in the Battle of Blue Licks, Nicholas County, Kentucky.
  3. Cornelius McGuire born about 1762 in Tazewell County, Virginia, and died before 1782.
  4. Daniel McGuire born about 1764 in Virginia.
  5. Francis Marion “Frank” McGuire born about about 1762 in Virginia, and died 13 October 1805 in Sellersburg, Clark County, Indiana. He married Elizabeth Barnes, daughter of George Barnes. (My ancestors).
  6. James McGuire born about 1773 in Botetourt, Virginia, and died October 1868 in St. Helens, Owsley, Kentucky. He married Diadema Mann.
  7. Elizabeth McGuire born 1775 and died 1856.
  8. William W. McGuire born 1776 in Greenbriar County, West Virginia, and died in Kentucky River, Owsley County, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Abbott.
  9. Margaret Esther “Esther” McGuire born 1771-1777 in Virginia, and died 1856 in Lawrence County, Indiana. She married George Tincher.
  10. Christina McGuire.
  11. Archibald Dillard McGuire born 8 June 1778 or 30 May 1779 in Ft. Boonsboro, Madison County, Kentucky, and died 15 April 1870 in Proctor, Lee, Kentucky. He married Margret Guyer.

My ancestor is Francis Marion “Frank” McGuire. DNA has shown he was son of Lieut. James McGuire. It is not known if Margaret Black/Elizabeth Pack was the mother of Francis “Frank” McGuire. Margaret Black was the mother of the youngest son, Archibald Dillard McGuire.

Francis Marion “Frank” McGuire married Elizabeth Barnes on 20 October 1789 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of George Barnes. George Barnes was the son of John Maxey Barnes, Sr. and Elizabeth John. The Barnes family has deep roots in Virginia.

Known children of Francis Marion “Frank” McGuire and Elizabeth Barnes:

  1. Martha “Mary” McGuire born 11 May 1790 in Bourbon County, Kentucky and died 27 August 1834 in Bartholomew County, Indiana. She married William Royse.
  2. Francis McGuire born 1799 in Washington County, Indiana and died 27 January 1830 in Bartholomew County, Indiana. He married Mary Johnson.
  3. Mary Jane “Jane” McGuire born 25 December 1800 in Washington County, Indiana and died 20 November 1874 in Casey, Clark County, Illinois. She married Rev. John M. Doty/Doughty on 1 November 1817 in Washington County, Indiana. (My 4th great-grandparents).
  4. James Martin McGuire born 28 December 1805 in Clark County, Indiana and died 6 January 1856 in Libertyville, Jefferson County, Iowa. He married Margaret Brannon.

Warrant Issued for Francis Marion McGuire in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

There was a warrant issued in Kentucky for Francis Marion McGuire in 1792 for the killing of some Delaware Indians, it is possible and very likely that this was a revenge killing (for the death of his father and brother at the Battle of Blue Licks). The warrant stated the “said Francis Marion McGuire has left the commonwealth.” As you can see his oldest child, Martha “Mary” McGuire, was born in 1790 in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and the next known child was born in 1799 in Washington County, Indiana. There may have been other children born in the in-between years that died young, but he had left Kentucky by 1792, when the warrant was issued, and was in Indiana before 1799. The McGuire family lost touch with Francis Marion “Frank” McGuire after he left Kentucky, and some in his family thought he had gone to Tennessee. It is possible that the family did go to Tennesse, briefly, before migrating to Indiana.

Francis Marion “Frank” McGuire headstone in Silver Creek Cemetery in Sellersburg, Clark County, Indiana. 


In the name of God Amen, I, Francis McGuire, Being weak of body, yet of perfect mind and memory, do make this my Last Will and Testament and desire I may be received by all as such, and knowing the mortality of the body it being appointed for all men once to die, I give my body to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in a decent and Christian like burial, at the direction of my Executor.

First, I desire that all my just debts shall be paid.

Second I desire that my wife, Elizabeth, shall have my land during her widowhood and afterwards to receive her third, and the balance to be equally divided amongst my children. Yet is my desire that if my wife should marry that my children should have their maintenance and schooling off my Plantation. I also will to my wife two head of horse creatures to wit, the fox horse and her choice of the rone (roan) filly or the sorrel mare and as many cow, sheep, and hogs as she thinks proper to keep and all the household and kitchen furniture with the farming utensils. Excepting a bureau which I leave to my daughter, Martha. I desire that my Bonds, Notes, and Book accounts be collected and the balance of my effects sold and the Whole amount (except Twenty Dollars I leave to my wife) to be laid out in land for my children.

I do hereby constitute and appoint my wife, Elizabeth and James N. Wood, Executors to this my Last Will and Testament.

Given under my hand and seal, this 8th day of October in the year of our Lord, 1805.

N.B. I desire that my wife should have all the corn and small grain which is sowed this season.

Francis McGuire (Seal)

Signed in presence of James McCoy, Nancy McCoy

October 26th, 1805

Indiana Territory Clark County.

Also on the same day, is granted to the said Executors, a warrant of Appraisement authorizing and appointing Elisha Kerr and Absalom Little, after being duly sworn for that purpose, to enter upon and proceed to appraise all and singular the personal estate of Francis McGuire, deceased, and to make due return thereof to the Executors.

My 4th great-grandparents are Mary Jane “Jane” McGuire (daughter of Francis Marion “Frank” McGuire and Elizabeth Barnes) and Rev. John M. Doty.

Rev. John M. Doty was the son of Samuel Doty and Mary Ann “Polly” Lamb. My Doty line goes all the way back to Mayflower Pilgrim Edward Doty. Our line is accepted by the Mayflower Society.

Rev. John M. Doughty/Doty was a minister in the Primitive Baptist faith. See my blog post: My Quaker Lamb and Moore Ancestors in Virginia and North Carolina. Later Doty/Doughty Primitive Baptists in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. for more information about him and related family.

To learn more about our ancestor Mayflower Pilgrim Edward Doty see my blog post: My Contentious and Quarrelsome Mayflower Pilgrim Ancestor Edward Doty.

Children of Rev. John M. Doty/Doughty and Mary Jane “Jane’ McGuire:

  1. Featherstone Doughty born 2 May 1818 in Indiana, and died 29 Aug 1877 in Missouri. He married Charity Gooden, daughter of Lewis Gooden (Goodwin) and Lydia Watts.
  2. Maguire/McGuire Doughty born 9 Jul 1820 in Indiana, and died 1843-1845 in Arkansas. He married Mary Ann Gooden, daughter of Lewis Gooden (Goodwin) and Lydia Watts. (My direct ancestors).
  3. John Montgomery Doughty born 6 Apr 1822 in Green, Grant County, Indiana, and died 25 Dec 1865 in Casey, Clark County, Illinois. He married first to Mahala J. Moore, he married second to Armetta A. Howe.
  4. Elizabeth Matilda Doughty born 28 Aug 1824 in Greene County, Indiana, and died 12 May 1904 in Bourbon County, Kansas. She was left a widow three times. She married first to Samuel Deverell, second to Thomas Jefferson Rose, third to Earl O’Neill, fourth to Isaac Shively.
  5. Samuel Doughty born 5 Oct 1826 in Indiana. He married Cynthia A. Parker.
  6. Francis Marion “Frank” Doughty born 12 Mar 1830 in Greene County, Indiana, and died 27 May 1909 in Demar, Clinton County, Iowa. He married Sarah Elizabeth Davis.
  7. Percilla / Pernelia P. Doty born Oct 1830 in Indiana, and died 11 Jul 1903 in Jasper, Missouri. She married John A. Lamb (he and Percilla were Lamb 2nd cousins).
  8. Mary Ann “Polly” Doughty born 29 Apr 1832 in Morgan County, Indiana, and died after 1915 in Cumberland County, Illinois. She married Western Humphrey.
  9. Prudence Jane Doughty born 7 Mar 1834 in Clark County, Illinois, and died 6 Nov 1900 in Parsons, Labette County, Kansas. She married John H. Myers.
  10. Jonathan Jones Doughty born Apr 1836 in Casey, Clark County, Illinois, and died 18 Apr 1913 in Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana. He married Mary Jane Crane.
  11. James Preston Doughty born 23 Apr 1840 in Cumberland, Clark County, Illinois, and died 17 May 1919 in Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico. He marries first to Martha Ann Ellis, and second to Mariah Caroline Ellis.
  12. Daniel Stanley Doughty born 31 Jan 1842 in Casey, Cumberland County, Illinois, and died 24 Mar 1905 Alto Pass, Union County, Illinois. He marries Lucina A. Burr.
  13. Joseph Jeptha Doty/Doughty born 26 Jun 1844 in Clark County, Illinois.

Rev. John M. Doty/Doughty and second wife Mary Alice Bartlett had one child:

  1. Lester Loran Doughty born 6 Feb 1879 in Casey, Clark County, Illinois, and died 19 Jul 1952 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. He married first to Nora Dell Huey, and second to Ethel May Frasier.

For information on my Gooden/Goodin/Goodwin, Watts, and Urquhart ancestors, see my blog post Urquhart – Some of my Scottish Ancestors. And Related English Watts and Goodwin/Gooden Lines.

My great-great grandfather John Lewis Doughty.

My line continues with John Lewis Doughty, my 2nd great grandfather, the son of Maguire/McGuire Doughty and Mary Ann Gooden. He was born 11 Mar 1843 in Benton County, Arkansas and died 4 Dec 1911 in Quay, Payne County, Oklahoma. He married Cynthia Ann Barrett.

Cynthia Ann Barrett was the daughter of Aden Barrett and Nancy Anna Rogers. My Barrett lines go back to Virginia; Chester County, Pennsylvania; Maryland; and England. My Barrett and related Chambers ancestors were Quakers.

My great-great grandmother Cynthia Ann Barrett Doughty with her maternal grandmother Mary Ellen Stafford Rogers. Her grandmother died in 1867.


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  5. Graceful Landing: Find the Heroes in Your Family!

If you use any information from my blog posts as a reference or source, please give credit and provide a link back to my work that you are referencing. Unless otherwise noted, my work is © Anna A. Kasper 2011-2022. All rights reserved. Thank you.

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5 Responses to My McGuire/Maguire Ancestors from Fermanagh, No. Ireland and McElliogott Parish – near Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. In Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana in USA.

  1. Johnny McGuire says:

    Hi Lady Anna K,

    My name is Johnny McGuire and I am also descended from James Felix McGuire though his son Cornelius. I have been able to trace back to James Maguire 1620 – 1682, but the it gets a little muddled from there. The preponderance of data suggests that he is the son of Rory Maguire 1590 – 1650, brother of Baron of Enniskillen, Connor Maguire, and son of Bryan Maguire 1627–1633, 1st Baron of Enniskillen. Would it be possible to compare notes? Thank you!

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  2. Karen Marcum says:

    I descend from Lt William McGuire 1757-1837, son of John 1715-1750. My line ended up in Floyd County, KY.

    I am mixed up a ways back. The info all over the internet is different.

    William was in Floyd County, KY in 1811 where he signed for his daughter Priscilla to marry. Then he returned to Tazewell, VA.

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    • Anna Kasper says:

      Who was the wife of your William McGuire? Doing some cursory looking at family trees, I see a Mary Esther Shirley/Mary Shirley or a Sarah Lockhart listed as his wives. Your John McGuire, is he thought fit into the McGuire family lines I have listed? Have you sent in your DNA? You can also email by clicking on the Contact page in my blog.


  3. Pingback: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. February Theme: Branching Out. Week 7: Landed. My Contentious and Quarrelsome Mayflower Pilgrim Ancestor Edward Doty. | Anna's Musings & Writings

  4. Bob McGuire says:

    I am Robert McGuire, from the line of James Felix and his son, Archibald. My Great Grandfather was Hiram McGuire and my grandfather was Milton Butler McGuire, born 1875. All of My McGuire ancestors lived and died in Kentucky, mostly in and around Rockcastle, Garrard and Estill Counties. I assumed they were all Protestant, but this could not be confirmed.

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