Stepping out in faith….

Going back to the basics!

I’m stepping out in faith and moving to Kalispell, Montana. Leaving 30th April, to drive there (1,235 miles) with my adult niece Elisabeth helping me. I’m selling or giving away, everything that won’t fit into a 4’x8′ trailer (luggage rack or in back of car). I will arrive there with no bed, no furniture except my 110+ year old cedar chest, I will be truly starting over. I will have family…my brother Bob, his wife Lesley, niece Elisabeth, nephew Joel, great niece Lola (and I will get to see niece Jessy & her family (Ingvar, Kaiya, Tayus) whenever they are stateside, they are currently in Norway working w/ YWAM). My kitty Livia with me…who has become quite the traveler lately, whom I adore.  And I have my faith. For those that know me, they will understand that I don’t do well with situations where I don’t have control, or at least a very well laid out plan. Well, yes, I do have plans…but nothing is concrete. The cost of living is MUCH cheaper than in California, but I will miss my hometown of San Diego, the ocean and California in general. But I believe that the wonderous beauty of the mountains will grow on me and make my trips back to California even more sweeter.  This big city California beach girl is well aware that I may encounter a bit of culture shock in sleepy, low-key Montana! I step out in faith and believe God will catch me, lift me up and put me exactly where he wants me to be!

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About Anna Kasper, ACDP

I am an avid Genealogist. I am currently a student at Phillips Theological Seminary (one of the few Catholics!). I am an ACDP - Associate of the Congregation of Divine Providence (Sisters of Divine Providence of Texas). If you are unfamiliar with what a Religious Associate (also called an Affiliate, Consociate, Oblate, Companion) is exactly, visit my about me page for more information. In community college, I majored in American Sign Language/Deaf Studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies when at university.
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2 Responses to Stepping out in faith….

  1. Maryann Palmore says:

    “So” your starting a new life.
    It always good to fine yourself in a new place, you will never now what to except, but Happiness will come to you.
    Enjoy the peace of a new place and life style and remember all those who love you.
    Aunt Maryann


  2. Wow! Sounds like you are really stepping out in faith with this move. I hope God blesses you and the move with peace and happiness. May you find a new life full of adventure and purpose. šŸ˜€


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